Power Life Pro Review – Get The Facts Before You Join…

Power Life ProExperience has taught us to examine any opportunity (such as, Power Life Pro ) before jumping in. It becomes essential when the opportunity relates to personal financial gain or loss. There are many marketing opportunities inviting you to join their program in order to earn high earnings. But most of the times they turn out to be fake and your investments go for a toss.

One such marketing opportunity that we have taken up for review today is Power Life Pro. The company deals with Enagic Kangen water purifying machine and offers a world class marketing system with promised earnings. This Powerlife pro review talks about how you could do more, by doing less!

The Company Power Life Pro Promotes

Power Life Pro is backed up by the Japanese parent company Enagic. They have been operating successfully for about 40 years without accruing any debt over the years. Its main focus is on ionized water which was famous in Japan even before they became global. The company started its journey in 1974 as a part of Sony.

They began distributing their product in 2003 and in 2005 established their US headquarters in California. Now they are operating worldwide including Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taiwan, USA, Canada and Singapore. More international offices are on the line including India.
Most marketing companies close down within 5 years and Enagic has been flourishing all along. It can be said that in future they are going to grow and become more successful. Power life pro kangen water can present an interesting business opportunity that you definitely would not want to miss out on.

Power Life Pro and Kangen Water

Kangen water improves health and alkalizes the water for improved body functions. It contains more alkaline than regular forms of water and increases energy, optimizes derivation of nutrients from food and supplements, delivers antioxidants and helps in detoxing, anti-aging and improved lifestyle.
Enagic launched their most powerful antioxidant machine called K8 recently. It comes packed with useful features like auto clean, auto filter sensor, auto-off and a useful LCD touch screen console. It produces 5 kinds of water for drinking and healthy cooking.

Power Life Pro Business Opportunity

NOTE: I do NOT endorse this video… this is for educational purposes ONLY!

You have to get a water system to qualify as a distributor. Through team sales efforts your earnings come in 8 levels. The commission increases with the increase in rank. For a Basic SD501 model you can make $ 235 and $ 50 SP at the 1A level. When your rank reaches 2A, the commission jumps to $ 570.
You can jump or skip ranks when your sales are significant. No sign up or distributor fee is required and you are not required to stock the products. Concurrent sales within 90 days fetch you an attractive bonus of $ 50 SP. You can also cash in your product specific points to added earnings. For SD501, each point counts as $ 285. Attaining level 6A gives you unlimited benefits.

The Verdict

Power Life Pro

Products come with 30 day money back guarantee and a warranty of 5 years. Power Life Pro is the perfect opportunity to take up and increase your income through honest networking and sales. Power life pro products can sell well, and if you’re looking to make profits by selling something you love, this is one product that you definitely need to consider.